LoveLace is electronic music artist, performer & tech innovator Chagall’s new foundation that addresses the gender inequality and stereotypes within the music tech industry.LoveLace exists to highlight and enhance profiles of female identifying artists that apply technology in their work as role models and increase the number of female identiying audiovisual-nerds through education, collaboration and networking.LoveLace's mission is to create a safe environment where female identifying performers can discover technology, explore its potential in the arts and learn how to play and create with it so they feel empowered to start augmenting their live shows with the latest technology.LoveLace will be The Netherlands’ first production house for talent development of female lead live projects that use technological innovation for creative expression. LoveLace’s ambition is to support about four productions per year, starting from 2024/2025.In 2023/2024 LoveLace's activity will start with a series of workshops, hosted by De Effenaar Labs.The goal of these workshops is that participants feel that there is a lot that they can do themselves. Everything starts with a good idea and some patience to learn. You can do so much more than you might think right now. You really don’t need a big and expensive technical team to create an awesome show!


Workshop: Creating audio-reactive visuals with TouchDesigner

From 22-24 April 2024, LoveLace will host a 3-day workshop at the creative hub Effenaar Lab for live performers to learn how to create audio-reactive projections to enhance their live shows visually. Whether you are a singer, a musician, a producer, DJ, VJ or really anyone who works with music, during this session you will learn how you can turn any (live or pre-recorded) element in music into a visualization yourself resulting in visuals that are not only in sync with whatever you are playing but also an expression of your own creative vision!As the world is becoming more visuals and more digital, so is the art that we can make. Using technology to enhance your music may seem intimidating, but with these workshops experienced immersive performance artist Chagall wants to support female and gender non-conforming artists to make this whole world of creative technology more accessible.This hands-on 3-day workshop aims to create a safe learning environment where you can ask, share, experiment and exchange knowledge with fellow creatives while acquiring practical skills on how to build visuals with cutting-edge tools.This course will be taught by technology innovator Chagall and TouchDesigner expert Max Lahr from y=f(x). Whether you’re a novice or already more experienced in the field of tech, this workshop will introduce you to the basics of using the visual engine TouchDesigner and enable you to take your productions and shows to the next level and engage with your audiences in new more immersive ways.This workshop is designed to provide a tailored and personalised approach to each participant, therefore it has a limited capacity of 8 participants, so be quick to apply!Apply before March 25th, 2024

Practical info

22-24 April 2024
10:00 - 18:00
De Effenaar, Eindhoven
Level: Beginner to mid-level
Language: English
€600 for three full days of guided learning and creating, a private tutorial of an hour ahead of the workshop, lunch & drinks
Dutch participants can receive €200 towards the ticket via Werktuig PPO (
The main tools used will be Ableton Live and TouchDesigner. Bring your own laptop with updated installs of these apps. We will send you a number of tutorials to watch ahead of the workshops to make sure all participants have the same start off point.Every participant will have an opportunity to have a one hour (online) private tutorial ahead of the workshop too.Because we can only host a limited group, we might have to make choices who we select for this workshop. The selection will not be based on prior experience but we do care about your motivations and ambitions.Apply before March 25h, 2024.
We will inform you about the selection by the 1st of April.

What will you learn?

The main focus of this tailored 3-day workshop is to create reactive visuals that sync to your music (sounds, vocal, live instruments) and/or your movements, learning directly from Chagall who will provide a personalised approach to building your project, guidance and advice on what you’re working on currently. You will get familiar with different technologies and apply them to your ideas which will get you started and leave you able to continue working on your own afterwards. Since you will design these visuals yourself, they will be a reflection of your creativity and vision, just like your music!

For who?

  • Female identifying musicians and live performers who want to enrich their live shows with innovative visual elements such as projection and lighting

  • You can be a beginner in the tech field, but you have a strong idea about your musical identity

  • You are able to bring one or more original songs that we can work with during the workshops

  • You are able to bring original imagery, video material or logo


  • Audio: Ableton Live + Max for Live (preferable, but another DAW will work too)

  • Visuals: TouchDesigner (available to download for free)

  • Several motion controllers will be made available or bring your own (MiMU Gloves, Xsens Suit, Leap Motion, Genki Wave)

  • All selected participants will receive a more detailed list of tools to bring and prepare before the workshop

Programme TBC

Day 1
> Inspiration: Chagall presents her B.A.B.Y. system
> Discuss: the role of visuals in live music
> Learn: intro to TouchDesigner
> Learn: connecting sound to visual (OSC/MIDI)
GOAL: data about your music is arriving in TouchDesigner and controlling a visual element
Day 2> Inspiration: exciting TouchDesigner projects
> Discuss: develop idea about visuals for your own music
> Learn: diving deeper into TouchDesigner
GOAL: participants have made a start with a creative idea
Day 3> Learn: diving deeper into TouchDesigner, setting up a project specific to your work
> Create: continue creating your own audiovisual idea
GOAL: documenting your project / prototype performance that you can continue with at home